Fabrics for Filtration

More than 20 years ago, Guilford first developed a fabric for use as a permeate carrier in high-pressure Reverse Osmosis applications. Continuing our tradition of innovation, today we have a full line of fabrics that are used in the most demanding applications such as seawater desalination, food and dairy, pharmaceuticals and others.

Our permeate carrier fabrics are preferred by the world’s leading filtration companies due to our capability to produce extremely thin fabrics with industry leading consistency. This allows the filter to be more energy-efficient and improve output.

Guilford has a full line of epoxy coated and BPA-free bi-component fabrics for any application. We have options for ultra-high or low pressures, high pH or low pH feedsolutions and our fabrics are optimized to ensure maximum performance.

Because our fabric is the last thing that the permeate touches before leaving the filter, our fabrics for filtration products and manufacturing plants are Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliant and National Science Foundation (NSF) certified.

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