Lamination and Composites

Guilford is one of the world’s largest producers of composites and laminate fabrics. We can engineer and manufacture high performance multi-layer constructions to fit virtually any application. We have experience with laminating a variety of textiles (knits, wovens, and nonwovens) to foams and films for a variety of markets.

Our capabilities include:

Flame lamination

Flame lamination is used to bond film and/or fabric to soft polyurethane foams. The process, involves the passing of the soft foam over an open flame, which creates a thin layer of molten polymer. The film and/or fabric are quickly pressed against the foam while it is still in the molten state.

Flatbed web adhesive lamination

Flatbed lamination is a new method of lamination for roll goods and sheets that utilizes dry thermally activated adhesive systems that do not require long drying/curing tunnels to process. Instead, heat is quickly conducted through two opposing pressure-loaded belts into the laminate to heat activate the dry adhesive web.

Using a laminated composite instead of a single web structure is an effective way to increase performance and reduce cost in automotive, medical and many industrial applications.

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