Medical Textiles

Guilford specializes in understanding how fabrics interact with the human body. We partner with leading OEMs to engineer fabric solutions for applications where textiles are used to secure medical products to the body. Our goal is always to provide greater user comfort and movement and cost effectiveness, while meeting the unique requirements of the medical industry such as anti-microbial and bio-compatibility.

Our line of medical textiles includes hook & loop fabrics, tricots and circular knits, and breathable spacer fabrics. All are available in rigid (non-stretch) versions, as well as 2-way & four-way stretch for maximum comfort.

Loop fabrics

  • Polyester and nylon versions
  • Available with loops on both sides
  • Weights from 1 oz to 8 oz

Tricots and circular knits

  • Polyester and nylon versions
  • Weights from 2 oz to 7 oz

Spacer fabrics

  • Polyester and nylon versions
  • Various thickness up to 13 mm

All fabrics feature

  • Wicking to remove moisture from the surface of the skin
  • Anti-microbial to prevent odor

Our line of spacer fabrics are an effective alternative to foams such as neoprene and provide greater breathability to improve comfort, are 100% recyclable and are latex and adhesive-free.

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